Monday, February 26, 2007

SExGiFT 4 AND 5 - NY Coed Soccer 1
your ass is so on fire

To recap from 2 weeks ago:

Team Explosion defeated a "bunch of assholes" 3-0. Ain't no thang.


The SuperExploders added yet another clean sheet to their record as they forced Bloody Mary(s) to suck on even more of Jesus' cock. She sucked it so hard we all thought that Jesus' balls would come flying up through his dickhole and choke her. Fortunately, that didn't happen and Mary is able to go on sucking for another day.

In one of the most complete games SExGiFT has put together, Michelle notched her first goal of the season, becoming the final regular field player to tally their first goal. Well done, Michelle! It's about time!

Ravi made his season debut, brandishing his gigantic brown scimitar of pain (found on Level 6 of the Necropolis by defeating Ulgath in his house outside of Doongsein) and instilling fear deep...deep within the hearts of that bloody bitch. While he didn't find the back of the net with his scimitar, he surely proved that he knows what to do with it. Overheard on the B(owel) M(ovements) sideline at the end of the game, "wow. did you see Ravi today? holy crap i want him inside me.... do you have a towel?" -Keeper McBetweenTheLegsAroundMyBackDownMyAssCrackAndOutMyMouthForMySpecialReverseDigestionThrow

Stellar ball movment, flawless ball control, and top shelf goalkeeping proved to be far too much for the opponent on Sunday. And all indicators point to a similar situation next week as SExGiFT takes on Free Agent Team 5.

FAT5. Good name guys. With all the free time you guys have while you're picking the ball out of the back of the net, maybe you can think of a name for your team.....




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