Monday, February 5, 2007


I totally and openly ripped this off directly from, but I thought it was so hilarious and dead on, I had to feature it here. This is not only one of the best Fergie pics ever, but it's one of the best celeb comparisons I have seen.

How do people look past how goddamn FUG this bitch is? Mind you, I don't have a problem with people who are uggles, but I do have a problem with uggles people who WRITE SONGS ABOUT HOW SCRUMPTIOUS THEY ARE. I want to vomit inside of her.

I also love how she claims that she has never had plastic surgery. Are you kidding me? She looks like an inflated muppet. The "anti-aging" trend in Hollywood has got to stop--these celebs don't realize how fucking busted they end up looking afterwards. I'd say that 60% of celebs who get cosmetic surgery look far worse and OLDER after their adjustments. Did you happen to see Olivia Newton-John on that new faggoty reality show about casting the new Broadway revival of Grease? (Probably not, since the show is an embarrassment to humanity, and I only stumbled upon it last night because I'm too much of a pussy to like football.)

Here's a picture of what ONJ looked like back in the day, about 30 years ago.


2004. Starting to get old...Perhaps a little surgery?

And....NOW. It looks like a hundred thousand bottle rockets went off in her face.

Though she's pushing 60, I'd rather fuck the 70-year-old-future-her WITHOUT any plastic surgery.

Or E.T.

At least he wouldn't fall apart if I were to try and kiss him.


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