Monday, January 29, 2007

Donnie Davies

Look, here's the deal: we don't purport to deliver some kind of breaking-news type service to you. We're not trying to be your source for celebrity gossip like Perez Hilton or whatever. Our goal is to break down some of the more interesting things that happen in this crazy world for you in ways that are far more entertaining than you could find anywhere else. We're your fun filter. Your GiggleFun filter.

Anyway, here's a perfect example. GorillaMask posted a link to this idiot above (Donnie Davies') website where he talks about which bands will make you gay.

GorillaMask, good jo-- eh, not really.

See, they missed something critical. And this is where we come in. As entertaining(?) as it is (I guess) to read about how Jay-Z and The Village People are equally gay for you, we search for the true humor. At SExGiFT, we deliver this:

and we link to his music video:

There is so much to love about these two videos, but personally, I enjoy his complaints about people not taking him seriously when the first thought that came into my mind when watching this was, "this seems oddly like a WWF confessional...." All the first video needs is for JR to scream "no...NOOOOO!!!" as some "fag" in rainbow tights walks in and choke-slams Donnie off that balcony. On that note, isn't it about time the WWE has a flamboyantly gay wrestler? One who wears those rainbow tights and talks all about getting up for matches and stuff? They tried it, sort of, with GoldDust like 6 or 7 years ago, but GoldDust was never really gay so much as just fucking creepy to the point that no one wanted to wrestle him.


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