Friday, January 19, 2007

SExGiFT 2 - NY Coed Soccer 0
(You're My Exercise, Baby!)

Apologies for such a late post on such an important topic.

Last Sunday, the SExGiFT soccer team victimized its second opponent of the season. The White Shins, bad attitudes and all, could do little against the relentless SExGiFT drive for power and dominance. Though the final score was a boring 3-1 - no, there was no SuperExplosion to speak of this time - there was certainly a non-stop pounding of White Shin ass. The physical match saw TWS receive two yellow cards - both likely stemming from their frustration and sadness over being born without as much collective physical beauty as our clearly more fortunate side.

Leading the way for Team FunTime was Gerard, who notched his first two goals of the season. Current Golden Boot leader Paul Braff (of Castle Shitbags) failed to score, helping his team to a 3-nil defeat at the hands of Mayhem United (who?). Unfortunately, Amit thought he was playing for a different team on Sunday - a team that doesn't care if anyone scores and just plays "for the fun of it". This resulted in Amit missing a wonderful opportunity to claim the Golden Boot lead for the rightful ascendants to the NY Coed Soccer throne and finding himself tied with Dan for second place at 5 goals apiece.

His poor performance, along with Dan's virtual no-show (one goal? on a penalty shot?), our LLC's shaky performance, and Evan's existence made it clear that work needed to be done. We face our arch rivals, Castle Jizzrag, on Sunday and a performance like last week's will end in tragedy for both sides. That would clearly be unacceptable as we are in this for tragedy and despair on only one side of the field. To make sure that Sunday results in massive Greyskull-fucking, we engaged in a week of demanding and rigorous training to prepare, some of which you can view below.



Blogger ethan said...

hahahaah, hilarious.

no wonder i haven't talked to you in so long--clearly you've been busy...

January 22, 2007 at 9:13 AM  

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