Friday, January 5, 2007

nyc whores

who cares about this stupid slut? seriously, who cares?

i don't get it. do you even know who she is? any of you? no, you don't. yet people write about her. like papermag.

now, i don't mean to talk shit about papermag--they've been good to my friends butch and bellie, but come on. who the fuck cares about timmany hortimer and her snaggly vagina?

there's only one thing worse than going to a blog you like and seeing a post about something you just completely don't care about: going to 10 blogs you like and seeing a post about the same exact thing that you completely don't care about.

and you know what else? in that papermag post, talking about how her sister has the best body in the nyc socialite scene... really? she does? if that's the best body in that scene then something is seriously wrong. i mean, other than her down syndrome lion face.


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