Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SuperExplosions More Explosive than Originally Thought
cover up, it's going to be a wet spring

For Immediate Release

Addition By Crazy

NEW YORK, NY April 17, 2007 - SuperExplosionGiggleFunTime, the nation's premier coed soccer team, has added a crucial piece to its already mythic roster. Matt, who is, by all accounts, the most intense competitor anyone has ever seen outside of Ancient Greece where men used to actually fight lions in front of other people, has joined our affiliate team The Giggle to play between the pipes. Or between the flimsy aluminum foil cylinders that serves as our goal frames.

Some of you are intimately familiar with him. Others of you just design intimate-wear. And one or two of you are intimately familiar with him wearing intimate-wear. But for those of you who haven't been to wwtdd.com in a while, here's a short profile on our new friend.

His name: Matt.

His occupation: Crazy.

Piercings: Several.

Pants ripped both on the knee and BEHIND the knee: Too many to count.

Sum Total: Gigglocracy.

In the words of Sean Michaels, as spoken to XPac after he found out that XPac repeatedly banged (and enjoyed banging) China:

Suck it!



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